Logistics and Transport - Global Maritime Company

A maritime company faced the challenge of managing vast amounts of physical documents.

Financial Services - French Pension Fund

The French Pension Fund for Retired Individuals faced challenges in managing vast amounts of records, database maintenance, and beneficiary communications.

Healthcare and Life Science - Medical Data Annotations

A medical software company that specializes in developing advanced software solutions for hospitals requires data annotation services to improve the performance of its medical software.

(FinTech)/Enterprise Software - Invoice Processing and Payments Automation Company

A payments automation and invoice processing company was encountering challenges in accurately capturing key values from invoices...

Retail - E-Commerce Data Annotation

An ambitious online retailing company sought to elevate its e-commerce operations by enhancing the quality and depth of its product information.

Professional Services Firm - Supplier Invoices with Detailed Lines

A leading international Professional Services Firm faced the challenge of managing a high volume of invoices and credit notes daily.

Pharmaceutical and Animal Health - Research, Development and Manufacturing Company

A dynamic research, development, and manufacturing company heavily reliant on data required precise data entry for critical health and pharmaceutical research initiatives