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Peppol and data validation
What can Data Validation Services mean for your PEPPOL implementation?

With the rise of PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) and new regulations in electronic invoicing, data validation services are crucial […]

Children in classroom
AI, Digitalization, and Africa’s Realities

🌍🤖 The Vital Intersection: AI, Digitalization, and Africa’s Realities 🌱🔌 Recently, I attended a transformative conference in Botswana that shed […]

An eye and AI
Human Oversight in Artificial Intelligence

Recently, there have been several discussions about how humans must remain in the loop when designing, developing, training, and testing […]

Employees discussing the about online retail and data annotation.
Online Retail and Data Annotation

Are you an online shopper, or do you prefer to go to the store to make purchases? Like many others, […]