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Data entry is a tedious, repetitive and resource-intensive task that can take up valuable time and resources. By outsourcing your data entry tasks and freeing up valuable internal resources, you ensure increased efficiency in your business processes without compromising the quality of your delivery through:
  • Data Entry and Data Annotation Specialists that are trained to handle data with high precision, achieving quality results. 
  • A dedicated project team that takes full ownership of your tasks ensuring timely delivery of your project’s goals.


Most companies experience financial implications of data projects that are not delivered as expected due to the following aspects:
  • Performing in-house data entry tasks and annotation
    tasks come with a significant cost.
  • Data entry errors emanate from in-house
    employees that are not specialized in the manual data entry field.
  • The use of possibly over-qualified-internal resources
    to handle data entry tasks, resulting in the loss of valuable business opportunities.
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  • Unstable quality is a problem that reflects inconsistency and unreliability. Imagine having customers deal with seasonal performance issues, you are highly likely to lose your customers which will be detrimental to your business and reputation at large.
  • Quality data is crucial in the consistent delivery of high-quality services, but in the midst of all other operations that companies have to deal with on a daily basis, this poses a challenge that is often hard to tackle internally.
  • An experienced outsourcing partner can help you achieve consistent quality delivery in your projects.