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(FinTech)/Enterprise Software - Invoice Processing and Payments Automation Company

A payments automation and invoice processing company was encountering challenges in accurately capturing key values from invoices due to variations in formats and the quality of scanned documents. As a result, the data extracted by the OCR and AI system contained errors, leading to discrepancies in invoice verification and approval. To ensure high accuracy and reliability, they required manual data entry services to complement the OCR system and verify critical invoice information.
Our intelligent (manual) data entry services offered this payments automation company a comprehensive solution to the challenges of invoice processing. By combining human expertise with advanced OCR and AI technology, precise validation of key values on invoices was ensured, even for those with complex formats and unclear scans. By identifying and rectifying the inaccuracies, invoice processing was streamlined, enabling timely payments, and enhanced financial operations.
By utilizing our manual data entry services, this company experienced significant benefits such as:
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy
  • Improved Invoice Processing
  • Flexible Handling of Diverse Invoices
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction