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Professional Services Industry – Supplier Invoices with Detailed Lines

A leading international provider of Professional services faced the challenge of managing a high volume of invoices and credit notes daily. To ensure the quality of its services and maintain an efficient workflow, the company sought intelligent data entry solutions.
To address the data accuracy challenges, our team proposed and implemented intelligent data entry verifications. This involved a meticulous review and validation of data extracted by the company's OCR and AI systems, ensuring that the financial information entering the system was accurate, reliable, and aligned with industry standards.

Our process included the following steps:

  • Data Entry Verification Process
Invoices and credit notes received by the company were processed through OCR and AI systems for initial data extraction. Our team conducted thorough data entry verifications, manually reviewing and validating key data points to ensure accuracy.
  • Exception Handling
Identified discrepancies or errors in the extracted data were flagged for further investigation. An exception-handling process was established to rectify inaccuracies, involving collaboration with the internal teams or, if necessary, reaching out to clients for clarification.
  • Efficient Workflow Integration
The data entry verification process is seamlessly integrated into the company's existing workflow, minimizing disruptions and optimizing operational efficiency.
The implementation of intelligent data entry verifications yielded significant outcomes for the company.
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